10 Jul 2016

Art of Superstate: Part Three

POST-BREXIT-Dismantling the European Union:  Remain Absorbs the Five Stages of Grief Simultaneously.  

May 23rd 2016. An article appeared in the Guardian newspaper under the heading

How will the Brexiteers react if they
lose? Expect bitterness and frustration

The dreadful contamination of the EU’s loathing for democracy spread into the hearts and minds of some in the Remain camp. Not all I might say. Some are respectful of the will of the people. However there is a vocal few who are outspoken about over-turning the vote and are demanding a re-run of the referendum; won’t happen of course.
A great star has left the Union to shine bright in a wider
stellar system. Expect bitterness and frustration from Brussels.
Rumors say the EU is planning to evict a small member
state on corruption charges as an act of revenge and a warning to
the rest to tow the line of loyalty. Image Frankfurt 2012

But this is precisely the EU disease of vote again till you get it right attitude which started the terminal rot of that institution. France, Netherlands and Ireland were either ignored or sent back to fix their mistakes in 2005 and 2008. But not this time! The British are too big to be pushed around.

The size of this outpouring of public grief can be measure by over four million people signing a petition to cast aside the referendum vote.  This would mean to run and run the issue again until democracy becomes a mirror of how the EU perceives it should look. In other words disobedience towards “More Europe” will not be tolerated.

In October 2013, the then president of the European council Herman Van Rompuy announced in his state of the Union address:

“But ultimately, we will convince people not with rhetoric and words alone (even if words are needed), but with results, with growth, with jobs.”

Oh! how out of synchronisation  is the EU with its citizens. And more so, they were told this solid fact over and over and over.

Now that the dismantling of the EU in its present shape and form is begun, it would help the four million in national angst and indeed the EU itself to absorb the final stage of Grief- Acceptance.