13 Dec 2009

Ulster Suburban Dreams

The suburban dreams of many will refuse to secede their taste of material wealth and affluence even if its contradictory to acknowledgment over a battered economy and spiraling domestic debt. There can be no early return to the frugal simple life of previous generations now that expectations race to match the recent financial gluttony fueled by politicians shamelessly milking the expenses system.

Craigavon, Co Armagh 2009

The enemy of the state-hail Regime change

In the history of conflict has there ever been an easier excuse for starting a war. Regime change is decided in the eyes of the Combatant and whereas regime change in democratic countries usually means an election, Blair has greatly undermined Parliament's credibility and the rule of consent...His admission in tricking parliament to partake in an illegal war against Sadaam is not a justified means to an end. Surely a fraction of the 3trillion war dollars could have been used to remove the tyrant and avoid the heartbreaking loss of life. Emperor Nero was declared "Enemy of the State" in AD68 and for this his exit from office was swift....... Cui Bono...from this new excuse to invade countries (with loot a plenty).....the arms industry must see a bloody future ahead.

(Nero Claudius Caesar) his last words were, "What an artist the world is losing in me!" His memory was publicly execrated. Will Blair suffer a similar fate.