21 May 2019

EU crisis: B is for Brussels, Bollocks to Brexit and Barefaced Betrayal

EU’s stop-Brexit man Guy Verhofstadt was in the UK campaigning for the “Bollocks to Brexit” party (Liberal Democrats).  This party along with an array of anti-Brexit forces are standing for office in the forthcoming EU parliament elections. Their mission is to force the majority of UK voters to abandon their democratically expressed wish to leave the European Union. By force, not persuasion but by Barefaced Betrayal through underhand parliamentary tactics. 

The tactic is to present the people with an offer they cannot accept with an option to remain in the EU. A tactic which would rip the country apart to the delight of the EU.  
Verhofstadt’s message:
“We thought let’s go to the city and the country where these populists and nationalists have created this mess. This way we can show to the rest of Europe, on the continent, never, never again an exit from the EU.
It is precisely this EU parlance which has created this mess if you can call it a mess.  I prefer to see it as a direct challenge to him and his like who are really saying “Bollocks to Democracy.”
Across Europe a crisis of democracy is coming to represent a struggle between an EU Geo-political economic block and the
wishes of citizens to advance their own destinies through self-determination. Democracy's survival is at the heat of this
struggle. Image South England May 2019.    

The EU wants to snuff out nationalism and with the identities of nations and peoples. It wants to create a totality of “Oneness” and is fixed on course to do so without any consultation or engagement with the European people– one language (vote EU), one army, one European identity, one European Superstate. A state where dissension and democracy face hostility from unaccountable faceless men and women overtly fanatical about their own brand of the European project, a project now so distant from what it was when the UK joined in 1975.
So fanatical is the current EU leadership, they scorn democracy’s legitimate outcomes for a token exercise in voting for a toothless parliament with a duty to rubber stamp the EU commission’s will.
All around Europe and beyond its borders the battle between the Brussels led European Project and Nationalism, Identity, Self Determination and most importantly the fight for Democracy has picked up speed.
Thursday, May 23rd 2019 is a chance for people to take charge. Euroskepticism is the new counterculture repelling the neo-liberal assault on values of dignity, nationhood and the individual’s self.