31 Dec 2013

E.U. Crisis: Emboldened Skeptics See an Unravelling Union in the Near Distance.

A most striking piece of news contained in the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) December 2013 report is; today’s powerhouse Germany can only maintain its European lead position over a surging UK if it quits the Euro and re-instates the Deutschmark.

What a kick in the head is that for “More Europe.”  So, is German Eurozone loyalty now the acid test for euro pretentiousness  as hard currency player!

After 4 long years of dishing out the austerity to the south and the western periphery will Berlin accept eclipsing by a skeptic UK to save the EU federalists and their “More Europe” ideology!  

Berlin knows very well, any hint of “More Europe” will align more opposition if not outright resistance.
Looking towards 2014. Can "More Europe" find vision to
accommodate rising Skeptics. Image: Brussels 2012

A policy of real reform can save this Union. It’s on the table for sure. Only real leadership from the big economies can pull the Union away from the abyss and steer forward with support of a majority of its citizens. Brussels’s aspiration as the capital of European central government is mortally wounded. The skeptics sense a victory. The Union is on its knees. The technocratic commission is discredited and despised.

But is it!

For most of the weaker members and especially the Balkan and Eastern flank, the Union is hope and future. Real reform can restore a Union fit “for purpose.” Real reform can accommodate the Skeptic tide. Real reform can produce a credible parliament and in transparency take the imperious Commission and bossy ECB to task. It might also be better if both disappeared in the real reform offensive.

Crushing the Union in anger is not an option. Neither for masters nor servants, who together, can keep an orderly Europe in hope and future.