3 Mar 2013

EU Crisis: War Continues Against the “Austerity Axis.” March of the Populists.

Italy is in upheaval. “Austerity Axis”- Brussels Berlin, Frankfurt, installed Mario Monti 15 months past to “Fix it in that country.” The result is a backlash. Enter the “Joker” and the "Grillini", a rag tag activist army of nurses, teachers, students, lawyers, engineers, bank clerks, and architects.

Italy now joins the growing anti-Federalist movements sweeping the continent. “Clean out the political stables” is the battle-cry. “Less bankers at the top, more power to the people!”

On arriving back in Brussels the technocrat former Prime Minister, who was soundly trounced at the recent polls, got a standing victory ovation from his Federalist sponsors.
March of the Populists. Europe approaches the belly of
the crisis. Can Federalists tough it out or bottle it
under pressure. Image Rotterdam 2013

Monti declared, that while he was in office, he deliberately never told Italians his austerity programme was implemented on the behalf of EU (Brussels) direct orders to do so. Not a good thing to declare at a time such as this.

It was a grave mistake to by the “Austerity Axis” to depose elected leaders in Italy and Greece during the autumn of 2011 and install puppet governments. It diluted greatly the sense of “Union.”

Austerity has failed to win confidence as a sound economic policy. Austerity has failed to elevate the Federalist leadership. Austerity has given rise to revolutionary reaction. Austerity threatens to isolate north from south. Even though Germanic economic success is glaringly obvious, consensus about EU direction is absent there also.

It is not easy to lead the pack when hunting instincts vary as much as they do.

Across the western front, populists and nationalist are marching. Netherlands, UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Denmark and Portugal are all approaching the front desk. Rebellious, they dare to confront the power, raise their bowls and demand, “Please Sir, I want some More.”