17 Jan 2016

Brexit EU Referendum: The Fuddle Before the Muddle.

(There is) “So much to fight for and so much to lose!” - A random slogan I just picked out of the blue conveying an importance over “Brexit” and “More Europe.”
The deadline for the long awaited Brexit referendum is coming into sharper focus. The political landscape is shuffling. The armies of “Leave” and “Stay” are rising from the ground to engage in a tremendous battle to influence destiny.

Those in Brussels and London who claim to know best, “What is best for the people” are waking up to the real possibility that the smart classes which guide democracy have also ideas about what is “best for the people.” And, they differ from the troubled “Europhile Elites.” Elites, who so far have provided Europe’s citizens with a catalogue of misjudgements, dogmatic obsessions and outright unnecessary confrontation with Europe’s near neighbours.

They pepper their short existence as a European Union with achievements that matter little to the lives of Europe’s citizens, such as “How they won the Nobel prize for Peace” or “the rock-bed of free movement of people.”  The fact is, neither of these, or most of any other of their claims to justify their bloated presence, are new or inspiring enough to surrender centuries of work building “New Democracy” in Europe.

Theoretically, closer Europe is always a good idea. But what does that actually mean in the daily management of a continent. So far, since the Maastricht treaty in 7th February 1992, it (E.U.) has been given power, followed by it asking for more power and now it is demanding more power, including an Army, (of all things) to play around with. And yet the outlook is gloomy for this Union; a (E.U.) Union now peddling fear and uncertainty if people consider rejecting its existence.

In London, the old divide where the south east of England looks east while the rest of the Isles look west, outbound and global is shaping the nature of this upcoming referendum.  English Europhiles are being accused of manufacturing a “Project Fear” over this vote; fear of the unknown and uncertainty over leaving the unpopular E.U. 

Lest we forget, Europe is shaped by countries that forged empires and fortunes by exploring the unknown. It is just this curiosity for challenge what makes destiny possible.   

Whatever happened to the challenge of a New Europe after 1945! Did it get lost in the fuddle and the muddle of backroom shenanigans, so often the trademark of E.U. decision making.

This vote/referendum is a vote for the challenge to shape destiny.  It will be hard to listen to the E.U. defining challenge as leap into the unknown; as if the British are afraid of it!