10 Jul 2012

E.U. Crisis: Germany At the Heart of Europe's Future. Euroskeptic Forces Gather in Berlin

Can it possibly be that Europe's present future is once again a German decision. Chancellor Merkel's European strategy is being openly challenged in Berlin and Karlsruhe by the president and the constitutional court.

Merkel is still popular with her electorate but the Euro crisis and the seemingly rapid disintegration of European solidarity, shows signs of eating the very fabric of the European project.

Is this love or pie in the sky. German constitutional court
 debates Europe's future. A long delay will finish the Eurozone
in its present form: July 2012
Powerful forces are assembled to ensure no more Europe until clear and democratic policies are fully debated within the German establishment.

In many ways it can only be Germany now which decides. Chancellor Merkel famously said “If the Euro fails, Europe fails.” Perhaps it is still too soon for Europa Maximus to succeed. Better the devil you know.

The focus for Europe's future is now centred in Karlsruhe with the German constitutional court. They, today Tuesday 10th July, have put the fiscal pact on hold to consider objections by persons loyal to Euroskepticism. If indeed they take months to decide the treaty's fate then the Eurozone in its present form is doomed. Spain especially and probably Italy too will not have enough oxygen to survive this time frame unaided.

Maybe it is planned this way