Apac, associated photojournalism for art and culture; Exhibition Dimension and the Wall Paper Presentation.

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The “Wall Paper” is a media platform with a different approach to presenting its message.

It carries the project Dimension, a story about the evolution of the new European Superstate and is portrayed in 27 sections. Each section is  1 meter x 2.5 meters telling its own piece of the news. It is designed to hang on walls and spaces where large numbers of the public have capacity to view it. The Dimension story covers a 38 year period taken from the diary of an international photojournalist.

The exhibition is a light and highly mobile form of presentation which can reach audiences in a fast and cost efficient way across cities and towns. It is a live art and media project encouraging people to engage its subject about European Dimensions.
This is a project which can contribute a difference to how Europe is perceived and viewed by its citizens. It is a contemporary and effective means of connecting the viewer to past and present issues. Dimension reflects time and space relative to todays European society, communities and peoples. 

It is a touring narrative with educational, artistic and local media appeal. Its strength includes use of strong images which transcend cultural and linguistic frontiers, a testimony to the power of photojournalism.

In the spirit of tradition and to create cohesion between groups of diverse people, Europe must tell its own story told over and over again. “Dimension” is a piece of that story. “Wall Paper” is a piece of the storyteller.

The wallpaper is a collection of 27 sections making a 65 meter wall story.

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Section two: The War years continued 1991 1993

Urban living in Europe: Belfast street scenes during the 1980's with aspects of new Netherlands architecture 2009.

Section Three: From the series Jerusalem Walks during the first Indifada 1990

Section 4: Post Communism years in Balkan Europe: Peasant culture comes under pressure to change.

                                                Section Five Life in the city was anything but easy in 1993

Section 12: Multi Kulti comes to town, the pluralist 1990's embraces "United in Diversity"

Section 18: War in the city, armed struggle becomes political success, from terror dawn to peace process.

Section 22: The consumer Noughties. Financial casino's gamble with Europe's stability
Dimension is a combination of a number of documentary projects, events and issues covered for the international press and media since 1973.
Areas of focus:

Divided Cities under change
1970-present Belfast,
1989, present Berlin
1990-1992 Jerusalem
1992-2001 Nicosia

An illustration of life in Western Divided cities during and after the Cold War. It uses portraits and street photography to deliver its documentary message against a sea of civil disturbance and change.

Post Communism in the Balkans
1990-2001; A report about life and society after the fall of Communism. Countries covered with special interest were Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Yugoslavia.

The report focuses on
(a) the role of culture & tradition in Romania and Bulgaria during a time of extreme austerity and uncertainty.
(b) War & conflict in Moldova and Yugoslavia.

War & the Plastik heaven Doublethink post 9/11
2001-2009 Portraits on Western European Society's current topics during the “War on Terror.”

Issues include:
(a) A shifting of political power to the people.
(b) Democratisation, pluralism, multi-culture, consumerism, liberal and conservative moral issues.
(c) The expansion of the European Union and its transformation to a unitary state of nations.

1973-1995 Portraits of combatants from areas of war & conflict within Europe and the near East. Areas of interest covered between 1973-1995.
The Fall of Berlin Wall, Revolutions in Eastern Europe with special focus on Romania & Bulgaria, The Gulf War, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, PKK Turkey, Israel & Palestine,

1991-1992 The Break-up of USSR in the republic of Moldova,
1991 The Siege of Sarajevo,
1992-1995 The Civil wars Bosnia Croatia & Serbia.
Five sections of the Dimension Wallpaper depicting the evolution of the European project since 1973 on display in the Carlingford heritage centre "La Tene Cooley gathering"  Ireland 2011. The Dimension Wallpaper is a 65 meter roll consisting of 27 individual sections about time and issues affecting the lives of Europeans

Young citizens from the Fountain area of LondonDerry pictured at the Playhouse theatre exhibition with their Wallpaper project. Fountain people took part in creating and producing a visual expression about identity and citizenship.
The Citizens Wallpaper Project is working across Irish, British and new arrival communities to record their View on their World, for exhibition at home and abroad.  2012