2 Feb 2011

Egyptians, Have No Fear. Victory is yours. Remember Ceausescu.

Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu on trail in 1989. Shortly after, they were executed
 for crimes against the Romanian people.
Egyptians, have no Fear. Victory is yours. Remember Ceausescu.
A classic case of a dictator clinging on to power. Mubarak is another example of political power thinking it knows better than collective people power. 
No Fear is the rallying battle call. And it works. Western people support this change because in change, there is opportunity for advancement.
Let Dictators know the rules of engagement. If you attack the people you forfeit you life and any positive legacy to history. Remember Ceausescu 1989.   

30 Jan 2011

Arab revolution fueled by catch-up Youth

From Amman to Bucharest, youth move to catch up with Western standards.
Ronald Regan famously said on June 8, 1982. " Freedom and democracy will leave Marxism and Leninism on the ash heap of history."
Across the Arab world youth are looking at the West and parts of Asia leaving them behind in the journey towards broader wealth and growth. Western youth have better houses and better living standards.
Arab Youth see the writing on the walls. Catch-up or get left in the dust. The old political order of grabbing and holding on to elitist power is drawing to a close. The people are demanding real change and that goes also for leaders wishing to fill vacuums.
If Islam want to play a part it must also reform. Islam is a great religion but it must serve the people not the opposite.
Can it adjust to the modern world and like Christianity become marginalised behind social media and people power. The Arab and World leaders are now facing a period of prolonged and continuing revolutionary activity. Marxism and Leninism may have hit the dustbin of history but revolution and its evolution is very much alive.