15 Oct 2015

Israel, Palestine, Syria: For the Love of God and Al-Quds

Using God for cover and who loves most the Temple Mount and Al Quds, violence is escalating across the Levant to new and dangerous heights.

The October upsurge leaves Israelis and Palestinians dead and wounded in Tit for Tat gun and knife attacks some are calling a third Intifada.

The use of holy sites and access to them by those who believe sites to be sacred is hardly the true reason for this bout of senseless murder. Why would Jewish Israel or Islamic Jordon do any harm to the “Temple Wall” or the “Al Aqsa” compound. Isn’t praying to God supposed to be a peaceful activity!

None in any Government will see wisdom in destruction of these sites.

No change! Gun and knife attacks return across the land; for the Love of God
and Al-Quds. The start of a possible third Intifada. Image shows a Jewish settler
in Hebron and a Palestinian in the West Bank during the first Intifada 1990.
However, across the river and north of Damascus the armies of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Turkey and Russia are co-operating, albeit in small numbers, to confront an array of Saudi inspired and financially backed insurgents, rebels and Islamic militias. This theatre can only provide further practical battlefield experience and tactical upgrades for soldiers and offices alike.

Although almost all of the belligerent factions are opposites of each other in some shape or form, most of their political masters harbour visions of former regional power status. Such is the complications of a post Ottoman Empire.

The Middle East has fluctuated in and out of Empire and Dynasty since Sumerian and Babylonian times.

It is an old saying that inviting foreign armies into ones country is easier than asking them to leave. It just takes another excuse to further a cause and as we already know an excuse for war is not always the reason.  Ask those who lament and die for the “Love of God and Al Quds”

Should the third Intifada gathers momentum over protection of holy sites in Jerusalem- so will the numbers of waring hordes amassing beyond the Jordon River and north of Damascus!

As winners are declared in coming battles; rest assured the victorious will not make the same folly as Crusader General George Bush by putting defeated professional Iraqi warriors on the military market to morph into the present Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis).  The magnanimous gift of a new suit of armour with payment to fight for a glorious cause will keep these newly developing armies trained, primed and intact.