22 Aug 2012

Anna Ardin and Julian Assange: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Truth

The Accuser;

Anna Ardin, the woman at the centre of the Julian Assange Swedish rape allegations is a very interesting person to say the least. According to a youtube entry supporting the Assange camp she is awarded the following credentials.
  • Ms Ardin is a press officer with a Swedish Labour Party Newspaper and was the person who invited Julian Assange to Sweden in that context.
  • She is a radical Feminist with a highly personal agenda.
  • A very religious person and a supporter of a religious branch of the Swedish SDP party called the the Brotherhood Movement. (Now named Faith & Solidarity).
  • Together with her female lover or girlfriend, Ms Sophie Wilen they conspired to entrap Assange and have him sent to prison. Ms Ardin publicly describes herself as a lesbian on her old website.
  • Ms Ardin invited Assange the day following the alleged rape to join her for a dinner.
  • That the whole episode is a carefully arranged plot between Sweden and the US to capture Assange, have him moved to the US where he can be punished for leaking cables harming US political and military interests.
  • That Ardin has clear connections with the CIA.

A yarn of kiss and tell, the raping of a consenting Lesbian with a male monster,
 a political honey trap or an act of revenge by government on free speech.
Anna Ardin and Julian Assange, are celebrities on the international stage, 2012
Ms Ardin describes herself on her blog as;

A political scientist, communicator, entrepreneur and freelance writer, I am also a libertarian feminist, Methodist and animal rights activist from Gotland.

Politically, I am chairman of Heart Believers, An association of socialists believers of all religions in the Stockholm area. We support
  • International politics of solidarity and justice working against racism and fear to talk about religion.

I am anti-racist spokesperson for Faith & Solidarity (formerly the Brotherhood movement),  a group of 3000 members and member of the International league of religious socialists.
  • Our political idea is utopian. It is based on God's boundless grace and thus inviolability. Every person, regardless of what she has suffered, no matter what she herself has been guilty of, is entitled to mercy and forgiveness, to redress and a dignified life.

The Swedish Law on Rape:

Sweden has three categories of ’rape’:
  • gross rape (4-10 years imprisonment), ordinary rape (2-4 years imprisonment), minor rape (0-4 years imprisonment)
  • Present Swedish law identifies all men as potential rapists. When someone has sex with a person that is in a helpless state because of unconsciousness, sleep or being under the influence of drugs, it will be considered to fall under rape.
  • Swedish law considers unprotected sex as rape.

The Accused and the Accusations;

  • It is under these headings Assange faces charges. He had consensual sex with the women but during the encounter over two days the women say he committed the above breaches. Should the women be proved to have indeed planned and executed a politically motivated honey trap to harm Assange they will most likely walk free resulting in handing Ardin, a radical feminist activist, a licence to lie.
  • Assange, if convicted, can face the rest of his life under duress and torment for a "dispute over consensual but unprotected sex." Assuming he is extradited to the US
  • How this rape accusation is substantiated without the partner being conscious is bewildering. Should the partner wake up/sober up during contact then it makes sense to have a clear discussion about the matter. After all Ardin describes herself as a communicator quoting Every person, regardless of what she has suffered, no matter what she herself has been guilty of, is entitled to mercy and forgiveness, to redress and a dignified life.

Either way it is all its a bit of a passion killer and hardly the legitimate stuff of government diplomatic flurry and inquisition.  

19 Aug 2012

Decline and Fall, Christianity Lashes Out: Political Double Standards Flourish.

Julian Assange disclosed the use of outright murder by American forces in Iraq. For that he is not the messenger of protest and the need for change but an Enemy of the State. Pussy Riot exposed the extending brutishness and extremism over Russian intellectual life by a ruling political Mafia. For that action they are not a messenger of protest and need for change, but an Enemy of the State.

State and Church, protectors or instruments of  repression. Political double standards flourish
across the World as governments pursue the messengers of State crime. Picture Krakow 2009
The State everywhere holds the same double standards to protect itself from the prying eyes of the people. Assange faces dubious charges over the use of a condom during consensual sex with two women in Sweden. He is currently being castigated by Swedish, UK and US politicians. The familiar pre demonetization process before a show trial and his subsequent torment as an Enemy of the State. The Moscow Three will be no doubt humiliated by a regime who think it right to treat political prisoners as they wish.

Such behaviour can be partly individual human nature. But as an instrument of social control its the product of arrogant State power and the influence of institutions like State Christianity; a cruel and superstitions religious built on punishment and retribution. Christianity, its shameful history is well documented. God and State must be obeyed and those who protest incarcerated and punished accordingly.

As Western society evolves en mass towards a new religion of Science, Fact and Discovery, Christianity in a few generations will claim its rightful place as the most evil religion that ever existed. It will will take longer to destroy the Mafia State.