2 Jun 2012

Ireland Commits to Battleship EURMANIA Magna. Can Chancellor Merkel Steer the Distressed Vessel to a Safe Haven.

It was a decisive vote to a fair debate. A rare event in the formation of Superstate. Democracy is not often welcome in the technocratic corridors of EU politics. But we are here now in this place. It is an uncertain but exciting move. Ireland has signed up to a fiscal and eventual political union with Germania Magna and allies should the Eurocarrier manage to ride the storms ahead. Ireland is under new management. Its national debt is to be repaid over a 20yr period.

Ireland commits to Europe in referendum.
The debate is polarising European society into Yes and No camps. 2012 
Europe is transforming rapidly through an unnerving catalyst. A man made financial tempest, planned and directed 12yrs past by the Czars of Money. The Euro core is in the making process.

But in other parts of Superstate this plan is causing severe dissent. It is ripping Europeans apart. Political polarisation and fractures in the social fabric are widening. It is the cause of riots, poverty, distrust and above all a massive loss of faith in how Europe is organised and run. It is becoming a mystery to most and a focus of fear.

In the coming months if not weeks Spain will be tested by the Czars of Money. Germany's resolve to support the European project as de facto leader will be measure in actions not words.

The proposal is daunting.....Are people willing to share the debts of others for a Superstate with uncertainty, a history of violence, a loss of democracy, a mistrust of national character and a clear submission to the Czars of Money . In my time as a war correspondent the biggest and most exciting high was to gamble with my own life against the odds.   ........ Throw the dice.................