20 Sept 2011

Review: Touchdown for KyteCrash at the Rotterdam Schouwburg

Questions around the acquisition of concert tickets come down to a couple of points for me these days. I suppose the first one, is it worth the price and second, how does one establish the price.    
You see some performers make you want to like them and their music. Take the Kytecrash mighty eight for instance.  You stick a bunch of highly tuned motivated guys together and you get a show you want to see again. Except this was the last concert for the group Kytecrash.  Never to be seen on stage as the Kytecrash mighty eight. Well not exactly.  
What I liked about this concert in the Rotterdam Schouwburg hall was its invitation to a sound which I had only heard on disc some weeks past. The disc was good I have to say but it was better at the hall. Much better. In fact, the experience  established the price.
KyteCrash makes its last trip to Outer Space at the Rotterdam Schouwburg Sept 13th 2011

 Trumpet players Colin Benders and Eric Vloeimans got together with  Jasper van Hulten – drums, Neils Broos and Jeroen Van Vliet on keys Guli Gudmundsson bass, Mathijn den Duijf – Dubmachin and vocalist Pax to perform what I can describe as a transport to exotic destinations courtesy of the music.
What sounded like  keys going through a Wah Wah launched the show. Soon Pax’s polished gravel voice was echoing his technique around the hall. Mysterious injections of unsuspecting rhythms solos, duets and audience participation set the ignition for space trips, galaxy observations and back home to Mexican cantinas and romantic melancholic moments.  

During one massive searing crescendo  I felt the music viewing  our chaotic world, crying out for help and understanding. As Pax said during the show “Let it happen, let it breath.”
So this is the End, my friend the End. Not if I see any of their individual names on a billboard touting an up-coming gig. I will remember these musicians as part of those guys who played the last concert in Rotterdam and are worth a visit to hear again.  Manager Eric Benders at Kytopia commented: “Colin and Eric decided to do a limited amount of shows, no matter how big a success the tour would be…. Of course, some elements of the Kytecrash sound or experience will survive although we can't possibly point out which ones.”

18 Sept 2011

E.U. Crisis: Comedy of the Grotesque stares “Dimension,” The Art of Superstate in the face.

A deepening Federalists’ sickness and its claim of ownership over   “Dimension” the Art of Superstate is becoming sad and comical in the face of reality. It comes  as no surprise their responses compare to basic human behaviour facing imminent death. Denial of destruction is shortly followed by acceptance.
“Dimension” the Art of Supersate, the great project, has a fundamental flaw, it didn’t properly prepare for testing its own beliefs.
Far from leading a continent to some utopian or elysian field  under the catchphrase “United in Diversity the Brussels Federalists threaten to unleash poison and resentment back into European society.
Seventy years past, Europe ripped itself apart. Its problem then was follow the leaders. Today Europeans will not blindly accept unsubstantiated political mouthing for “More Europe” just so politicians get let off the hook for their historic failures. But there is still time to prevent this outcome.

Citizens are leaving a Euro-Federalist comedy of the grotesque for the “Confederate Doors of Reality.”  2011
Dialogue is everything. Most citizens listen to reason. No one wants a return to the past. A promised future is our gift to our descendents.
The grassroots hard work to build a United Europe was ignored by the current Brussels bubble in favour of a dictate policy.
 Vote again till you get it right  is no longer an option. Federalist Elites had this chance and they didn’t get it right either.
“Dimension,”  the Art of Superstate may be changing its spots for the coming times ahead. It may be weakened but it is not finished.  It will survive and evolve under a new stronger direction.
National politicians who are the leaders of citizens will resolve this crisis in building stronger pillars on which to expand the European Dimension. Brussels should recognise its Federalist Dream is over for now and Confederate with those who are prepared to work for true European stability and not a paper tiger.
Let Europe breath to provide resolutions to the crisis. Even if this means tearing up the Catchphrase “United in Diversity.”