2 May 2016

Brexit EU: Referendum 2016. Brexit Rebels Hold Firm after Establishment Onslaught.

Brexit Rebels hold firm after establishment onslaught over
post-EU economy. The more sensitive debates follow.
Security and Sovereignty will dominate May & June.
Image  UK 2016

UK rebels fighting against the European Union and its Federalist agenda to create a Superstate by 20125 have held their ground after an unprecedented “Project Fear” onslaught from the world’s financial and elitist establishment.

From nearly every quarter of big business, banks and financial intuitions, the economic debate over the coming Brexit vote focused on the negative and the punishment to be meted out if the people vote for a restoration of democracy..

This UK referendum is a battle to win over a very small number of undecided voters about the three main issues at stake.

Economy – Security – Sovereignty.

From an array of polls, the outcome of the economic debate puts the EU faction slightly ahead.
However this is doubtful to last if one considers the relative small figures involved against the enormity of the decision to shackle the country to the EU for the next several decades.

The economic argument assumes there will be no corrections, new thinking or any of the entrepreneurial British spirit about after the vote to leave; just stagnation or impotence; just how wrong this part of “Project Fear” is!

What is surprising about “Project Fear” is just how little fear it is actually producing across the country. The British are digging in to resist.

Maybe this is what the EU in Brussels needs to see/hear before it continues to treat its members with the contempt and bullying we saw them deliver to weaker countries during the first EU financial crisis.

The EU declared target date for the Federalist “Art of Superstate” is 2025.

Brexit Rebels holding firm in 2016 might just thwart these backroom plans for European domination.