26 Jun 2016

Brexit E.U. Referendum is Won. Fallout is Bitter. Cooler Heads Are Waiting to Take the Lead.

It had to happen.  And it did; democracy has stood up against the march of technocratic rule in Europe. Loyalty to the EU’s Commission that has divided Europe is shattered.

Sovereignty is restored to the British people; giving hope to those in Europe who are Euroskeptic.

Hope is a stronger emotion than fear.  “Project Fear” which focused on the economy, the negative and the absurd, failed to overcome citizen concerns about immigration and sovereignty. It is a lesson for the architects of Superstate to learn. That lesson is- a great political deception (that they know better than the people) can often deceive the deceivers into thinking they can deceive the people – even when their deceptions have been exposed.

 Arrogance and bloated self-importance is the Brussels Europhile elites’ cancer. They must now be wondering where their EU Project is now heading; possibly to the grave.

Already there are calls from some quarters to ignore the result. If this were to happen then a street revolution would surely follow; to seal this historic moment from the majority, is a gamble too risky to consider.

Sovereignty is restored. The cost is a divided Europe. The UK is still part of the EU and stunned at the referendum outcome.
Negotiations should begin at once. Hard decisions made. I am not a Royalist but I am Loyal to the Lands my ancestry has provided for me.
 I feel no Loyalty to a Technocratic Europe. Image: Northern Ireland June 25th 2016.

I suspect the referendum will be downplayed as no more than an expression of British distrust and disdain for the EU. But for the sake of re-framing citizen cohesion in a fractured Europe - it cannot be ignored.

The EU Commission now needs to be disbanded or at best brought under the control of sanity and proper vision for the continent.

France, Italy and Spain are worried. They should be. For in the coming months ahead the EU’s failings and clumsy handling of the financial crisis will become increasingly apparent. Recrimination, frothing and skeptic empowerment will detonate the simmering resentment towards the EU’s political classes.  They had better watch out.

In the UK families are split down the middle over what to do next. Seventeen million “Brexiteers” should not gloat or show victorious rejoice towards sixteen million “Remainders.”  

NO! NO! NO! The great challenge is to re-unite the U.K. to correct the compounded damage the now discredited EU ideology has done to its citizens over the past Twenty –three years.