9 Nov 2014

EU Crisis: 25 Years After the Berlin Wall Collapsed, Cold Politics Returns to Europe

The EU, launched in January 1993 is a major let down. An organisation bedevilled with controversy and deemed unfit for purpose by governments and citizens alike.

A room with no view . 25 years since the Wall collapsed A new Cold War  is reaching Berlin. 
Has change been for the better!
Image 1989; An old Communist party building near near Palast der Reublik in Berlin, recently destroyed
against the wishes of the people who say it is a process to eradicate 20th century history 
In 2 years’ time the British people will decide its future.  If the British leave, Europe will languish on and on in Eurozone limbo till one by one the northern states join the global Atlantic Empire now in the making and whose reach will encompass a never setting sun.

EU Europe is not for reforming. Junker’s last stand is the commissions Alamo. None is afraid of speaking out about a post EU environment. And about where a cold political wind blows this Ship of Fools, blindly steering a conglomerate of iffy institutions hell bent on destroying democracy and installing a milder form of authoritarian communism. What could come after the split is unknown.  

Most people feel WW3 is already with us. It has the same ingredients as any war, economic austerity; un sourced terrorist threats, perpetual security alerts, national self-interest and an earning to explore wider political horizons.

And in Novembering Berlin 25years on, the architect of Glasnost and Perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who made it all happen, claims a new Cold War is here.  A possible tax criminal is president of the EU commission. The British political establishment is openly saying to its citizens EU reform is beyond reach. Netherlands, Italy and even France and Germany have doubts about EU progression. The ECB in Frankfurt is beyond comprehension to citizens about who it represents. The Mafia and the Vatican are looking very alike. And European aristocracy is just a money factory teamed with giant corporations and devoid of anchors to any social responsibility.

The EU Gravy train has run out of flavour. Berlin’s vision of a new Europe is gathering a gloomy view in a room with no windows.