2 Oct 2011

European Unity: A Beacon of Hope or a Warning Light for the Elitenprojekt.

“Goldman Sachs rules the World” says the smartly presented 30 something trader.
Into the Whirlpool.
 The light of European Unity is now seen as
the warning Beacon from a Lighthouse. Groiningen 2010
During a BBC interview, independent city trader, Alessio Rastani advocated preparing for the worst economically and advised how to make money in times of crisis. In a straight talking communiqué with the BBC the trader (actually not a real trader) revealed the nature of the finance industry as one which cared little for anything which does not turn a profit.
He announced “Governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs does.”
The bizarre interview seemed to suggest a view that the worlds citizens are a helpless and powerless group unable to stand up to the almighty markets. Wow has he got that one right.
He drew parallels with the 1930’s great depression and urged those interested in survival to start planning for the next big one. (Depression)
Rastani predicted the next 12 months will see savings vanish and that it is just the beginning. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15059135
Lovely stuff for a mid week BBC yarn about the future chaos. Except this talker on the subject of financial ruin is just like the rest of us. Someone working to keep himself and his family. But does it make the blarney any less true or worrying. Not likely. The Euro and its "Elitenprojekt" is caught in a whirlpool. Like sailors answering the Siren calls Brussels is heading for the light of European unity while Skeptics point out the beacon is in fact a lighthouse warning of rocks ahead.
But we are all in it together and sooner or later Doomsters and Elitists must put Europe first and decide which light to follow.