7 May 2011

The Big Wobble: Will Piggi fuel the Euro meltdown.

The Euro meltdown continues. Will bankers greed reduce the power
 of the currency to junk status.  Has this ever happened before.
 When you owe someone a dosh of the old spondulicks it is in the interest of the lender to keep the debtor in business. Crushing his ability to repay usually results in a swift disappearing act. In the case of piggi (Portugal, Ireland, Greece Go Independent) running out of the coral and into the woods, the lender will be faced with a redundant bacon slicer. And the piggi will stay out of sight until the slicer gets so rusty and so unused it becomes worthless.

So let it be with the Euro. Repaying debts marked up in Euros will put the Piggi in the woods firmly behind those who wish to break the power of the lender’s bacon slicer.

Who might that be then. Oh Mr Sterling, Ms Dollar, Master Yen, Swiss cheese et all. French and German politicos and their greedy banking masters should listen to the sound of Molotov Cocktails burning their house down. For like King Canute they will not stop the sea.

The tide of public anger sweeping ashore says loud and clear, Rome was not built in a day and neither will acquiescence to become slaves to a bankers income. Whose army is going to collect the taxes to repay Jean-Claude Trichet. This is not what people voted for in 1973, 1981 and 1986

Reducing the value of the Euro to junk status will not be so difficult if Spanish and Italian people join the walk to the woody woody.

4 May 2011

Habet, Hoc Habet, Now he's done for!

It is the fate of combatants to kill and to be killed. In war there are no good guys bad guys acting out the part for the audience. Just winners and losers. Osama bin Laden lost his fight and his life against a better opponent. The US army has done its job and done it well.
It is the role of politicians to sell that action to the people as they will have to live with today’s decisions tomorrow and for some time to come.

Among the graffiti slogans still scrawled on walls at Pompeii, the famous Roman town preserved under a layer of volcanic ash: "Caladus, the Thracian, makes all the girls sigh."
After the July Plot in 1944, Hitler decided that the leaders should have a slow degrading death. They were hung with piano wire from meat-hooks. Their executions were filmed and later shown to senior members of both the Nazi party and the armed forces.
A version of these films was later combined into a 30 minute movie by Goebbels. It was shown to cadets at the Lichterfelde cadet school but viewers supposedly walked out of the screening in disgust.

Watching snuff movies is the stuff to turn stomachs. Let’s hope the White House calls time on this movie and doesn’t get dragged into making a film series of public executions reminiscent of Rome’s Gladiatorial Circus.

Propaganda is a delicate dish. To serve it well one must know the tastes of those who are about to use it.

3 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden: the Making of a Legend

The following report is extracted from the BBC London dispatches 3 May 2011 Last updated at 11:09 GMT
US intelligence agents focused in particular on one of Bin Laden's couriers

A high-risk operation was given the green light by President Barack Obama…. his counterterrorism adviser termed "one of the gutsiest calls by any president in recent memory" had achieved its aim, the death of Washington's most wanted man.

President and his team ……..with White House officials watching the operation unfold on a live video feed.
Welcome to Immortality, my Name is......
According to an official from Pakistan's main intelligence agency, the ISI, there were 17 or 18 people in the compound at the time of the attack, while US officials say those who survived the attack included a wife, a daughter, and eight to nine other children.
A woman was also killed. She was originally reported to be one of Bin Laden's wives, though later reports suggested his wife was only wounded. There have also been conflicting reports as to whether the woman who died was being used as a human shield.

The ISI and US officials contradict each other as to whether a detainee was taken away alive.

The al-Qaeda leader was in his bedroom when he was shot twice, officials said - once in the head and once in the chest.
At the climax, at the end of a 40-minute firefight, one of the soldiers uttered the words: "Geronimo E KIA" - meaning a man visually identified by a code word for Bin Laden had been killed in action, officials said.

"The concern was that Bin Laden would oppose any type of capture operation. Indeed, he did. It was a firefight. He, therefore, was killed in that firefight, and that's when the remains were removed......other US officials who spoke to news agencies on condition of anonymity denied that Bin Laden had returned fire.

Bin Laden's body was then flown to Afghanistan before eventually being buried at sea. US officials said this was to avoid his grave becoming a shrine

US officials said this was to avoid his grave becoming a shrine.
US officials said this was to avoid his grave becoming a shrine.

US officials said this was to avoid his grave becoming a shrine.
US officials said this was to avoid his grave becoming a shrine.

US officials said this was to avoid his grave becoming a shrine…………….

1 May 2011

The road to Starry Saintdom is littered with crimes and miracles

Celebrity status for holy men now.

Since their concept in the annals of time Churches have revolved around mysticism, ignorance and the necessity to plunder free will. The Catholic church has been no exception to this proven formula for control of human attention. History is littered with horrific legacies of men doing God’s work on Earth.

Destination Saintdom. An advertising poster shows Saint Paul and colleague near Kracow train station 2009.    
Today, Christianity is dying a slow and inglorious death as the mysticism on which it feeds is stripped bare of it sacred shroud by progressive science and universal education. It is being exposed to reveal its self . A pied piper of hope leading children in a merry circle. They follow the tune because the piper promises a reward for those who follow. The children obey as children do. Here is a leader who is taking them somewhere. But the piper doesn’t say to where he is leading them. He leaves it to the fertile imagination of the children to discuss his motives and direction. They fuel the mystic party with whispers and tales made up on the spot. It is not so good to shine much light on mystic matters for that light might disappoint the viewer. So the piper says little and allows the children to create their own world around him and the tune he plays. Thus, avoiding attention to the fact he leads them in a circle with no real destination or purpose to his actions.

The creation of Stars & Saints is a business just like everything else. To profess to the world that someone deserves starry Saintdom as a result of curing a currently incurable disease simply by willing it, is a stroke of remarkable arrogance towards modern scientific sanity. Brilliant if you can pull it off. And even more brilliant if more children follow this new addition in the merry mystical tune of the medieval song, Ring a Ring of Roses a Pocket full of Posies, hush a, hush a, We all Fall Down.