8 Jul 2013

Why Ed Snowden Matters: Self-Imposing Psychological Weapons and the Surveillance Society:

“Always remember you have nothing to fear if you are a good citizen not doing anything wrong. Don’t criticise the State unnecessarily because the State is your friend. Like your father and your mother it provides. Terrorists, traitors, subversives and rebels are everywhere. They can be in your street, in your family and sometimes in your mind. Are you a Rebel? Only your state of mind can identify and bring subversives to justice. Honour those who watch over you for they are guardians of your freedom and civil liberties.
V for Vendetta. Can we believe anyone or anything. Can we trust our children,
our neighbours, ourselves. Vote yes if you have faith in government.
Vote yes if you do not have faith in government.

Sleep well at night knowing you have done no wrong this day.  You need us. You cannot survive without us. You will submerge under impure thoughts from those who think different to freedom. Don’t read or write. Be beautifully silent, listen, and enjoy, obedient consent.”  

Outcome from the Ed Snowden affair is drawing lines through western society.  The question is simple.

Is Edward Snowden… traitor or hero! The answer defines your state of mind. Some will say citizens should not be afraid of their governments. But they are because governments constantly behave badly. Others will say it a price to pay for protection from ……well whatever….you never know what’s out there. Look at recent history.

For these citizens control is about the other persons, those who are a nuisance, rock the boat, but never me, because I give obedient consent to state protection.

Those who criticise government, or to give them their proper status, those selected for targeting, say society is a consent battlefield for control of information.  Who controls information controls the truth.

Both sides say the freedom and equality you expect and cherish so much does not exist, only in your dreams. Both sides say sorry if I fight for the greater cause of freedom- it’s a family tradition.

Danger arising from obsessive control is well documented. Our reaction to today’s mass surveillance programmes will shape tomorrow’s society and the state of your mind.