26 Dec 2010

Rape, artillery and the thin line of defence.

A Joep van Lieshout sculpture from the highly sucessful infernopolis exhibition at the Katoenveem building Rotterdam harbour 2010.
   The artist's role as a conscientious commentator on human conditions which preys inward on itself is well recorded.  

What is also well documented is Governments role as the biggest killers of humans. A staggering majority of all murders and political deaths in the last century were executed by a variety of Governments . Whereas Democracies were involved in killing a sizeable number, the vast majority of victims suffered at the hands of authoritarian regimes. 

The institution of Government is coming under scrutiny by some who question its validity to hold power and if it is indeed becoming a hindrance to human progress.

Art promotes searching for truth and reality. For artist Joep van Lieshout issues, power, politics, life and death are beautifully interrogated through his works. Much  appreciated by the moderne viewer.