20 Jun 2011

Where Power lies: Revolution is the Solution: Act 1V Scene 2, Greeks Resist Hated Bankers

The Greek tragedy moved to Act 1V Scene 2, A rough night in Luxembourg. Sunday 19th June 2011.
A circle of actors parading as political leaders of the modern world begin a blame game over failure to protect the purses of their money lenders demanding at least a pound of flesh from the skinny Greek debtor. The debtor can’t pay. The lenders won’t negotiate. The politicians at the meeting can’t decide what to do.
Saturday June 18th 2011 Dusseldorf, what lies ahead for the Eurozone.

The watching audience in Athens shouted and chanted “Thieves! Thieves,” with a unified hatred of the money lenders, and international capitalism.

The politicians were scenting defeat. “Not I to blame” said the lady. “Nor I,” declared the Roman charlatan. “Ce n'était pas moi, je n'étais pas là” sang the little one.
The mood at the meeting turns somber in the closing hours of the long night. “I remember the Treaty of Versailles” moans the lady, “Me, I remember the loss of an Empire” splutters the Roman, “I remember nothing, because I wasn’t there” chirps the little one turning to the audience for approval.

“What shall we do, who shall we ask for advice” they demand. “Ask a friend, that guy on the street walking his dog, ask him for advice” they chanted ensemble. The man is surprised by the actors, but reaches for his book and reads a passage.

“Then I saw, Sonia, that if you wait for everyone to get wiser it’ll take too long.. ...That’s the law of their nature, Sonia… that’s true! … And I know now, that whoever is strong in mind and spirit will have power over them.
That’s how it has been until now and that’s how it always will be. A person has to be blind not to see it! Then I understood, Sonia, that power is only entrusted to the person who dares to bend down and pick it up. There is only one thing, one thing which is required, you just have to dare!” Crime & Punishment; Dostoevsky.

The Athens audience clapped and cheered loudly crying “We have the solution, it’s revolution.”