24 Sept 2015

EU Crisis: Germany Absorbs Road Shock: Volkswagen Rules! What Rules! Money Rules! OK

The chief of Volkswagen resigned this week with a severance pay in the region of 28 million Euros. 
He was forced to resign after his position became untenable. 

The company got caught out by a sharp witted American regulator who noticed a Trojan horse in German cars. Software it is, to fiddle diesel emissions to read below their reality in order to meet US standards.

East Germany's notorious two stroke Trabants, (Trabbie) pollute Berlin’s
 Unter Den Linden Boulevard in 1989 during the fall of the Wall. 
The manufacturer Sachsenring AG went bankrupt.
 In 2006 it was purchased by GmbH HQM of Leipzig. 
The company now supplies the Volkswagen factory with parts for Golf and Passat models.
 Image Berlin 1989

Apparently the standards are silly figures in the first place.  Everyone does it in the EU. Fiddle that is. The Greeks did it; the French never take EU rules seriously, just like their German colleagues. The East Europeans refuse refugee quotas even though many migrated West after Communism fell in 1989.  None is exempt. The list is complete.

So what's the all the hullabaloo about.  Well for one thing- it is the normalisation of wrongness and the acceptance of cheating as common practice. This may be human nature, as we say and why try to change it.

But it is not really human nature to be a victim no matter what the cause or the excuses.

Lying is killing people for bigger sales quota and beefier bank sheets.  If even one is found to have died as a result of corporate lies to increase its wealth then it is a crime.  Or maybe not a crime.

Hey, this is going on all the time. That’s what corporations and people do. It’s called free speech. It is not a crime to lie, unless it breaks a specific law, no, it’s just a breach of standards. And for that breach some get labelled as lairs and some get 28 million Euros