9 Jan 2014

E.U. Crisis: Love Europe, Not Brussels: Rider of die Stürme

European Parliament May elections are translating into a showdown with todays Brussels commission. Democracy verses Technocracy. Confederate Nation States (CNS) is organising Europe wide opposition to Art of Superstate. The creation of a genuine working European parliament is underway.
A rider of Die Sturme on an Atlantic "grosse welle" off Mullaghmore, County Donegal.
 The EU May election is a judgement on this commission's legitimacy and a test
for Confederate Nation States verses 
Federalist aspirations. 2014

This Byzantine commission is loathed to release power to the people while peoples’ loathing wishes to release Brussels from power - period.

Wasn't this consequence mentioned here before! If the common man can see the horizon what is defect with Federalist vision. - A commission force of 28 commanders and 60,000 foot soldiers is no match for European citizen power – period. 

Just as January storms sweep in off the Atlantic in spectacular style, the forthcoming May elections is emerging as Die große Welle to a Brussels Federalist advance.

It’s neither a Stalingrad for Europe nor an Alamo for Brussels. It is merely an exercise of democratic expression.

 “Who Dares Wins” is not just for the military.

To dream a dream can be prophetic revelation. But to create a reality you need to be wide awake. Is Brussels sober to the mood of this Mays voter! It seems in the throes of a dying executive a bitter legacy is shaping. Shortly after the May election this legacy will be thrown to the wolves– and gone will be a team marred with history’s scorn.

A new commission will be appointed. It will be this commission which determines a new pace for the “European Project,” for just as Rome was not built in a day, so let it also be with Art of Superstate.