1 Sept 2013

U.S. and French Attack on Syria Linked to Turf War over Supplying Natural Gas to Europe.

Extraordinary claims that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are pitched in a proxy war against Iran, Russia and Syria to control whose gas is sold to Europe reminisces of Mafia and gangland turf spats.

It seems one bunch of thugs is clipping the other over lucrative European energy markets addicted to cheap fixes and that the excuse to up the ante is the use of chemical weapons. The most recent incident left over 1400 innocent Damascus civilians dead.    

While not serious enough at the moment to start a full blown war, if such a scenario was to happen the entire Middle East could ignite into total chaos dragging the world with it.
Russia has the largest reserves of natural gas followed by Iran. Qatar with a population of just 800,000 is third with 15% of the world’s reserves. That’s some clout for a country the size of Jacksonville Florida.

A recent discovery of major gas fields off Cyprus and Syria adds to the dimension.
The fact that a delivery route, dubbed “The Islamic Pipeline” is a signed agreement (2011) to take Iranian gas through Iraq to the Syrian Mediterranean port at Lattakia unsettled the Gulf Arabs and are now he main sponsors of the Syrian rebels. Controlling Syria checks Iranian aspirations.
"War of the Gas-Masks." Syrian conflict is linked to controlling flow of
natural  gas to Europe.  Opponents Iran and Qatar are number 2 & 3
 after Russia for world gas reserves. Images; the 1st Gulf War 1991 

Qatar and Saudi Arabia are also allies with the US in the War on Terror. This is looking increasingly like a “War of the Gas-Masks.” Some they say get rich in wartime.
In all do we care who the supplier of what we need is. Well to some degree it should matter if innocents are getting killed and hypocrisy is the sermon of the day.

Some are claiming it was mis-handled Saudi Chemical Weapons supplied to the Rebels which cause the slaughter if the innocents in Damascus. While others in Allied West are “convinced” Assad is to blame.

Either way it’s a sign we are on course for war in the coming years. The weapons used will be brutal and devastating.