15 Apr 2012

E.U Crisis. Euro In Intensive Care, Outlook Critical.

The sick child of the Europe project is moved into Intensive care as conditions for lady Euro's survival becomes critical. Some say the outlook is fatal. At the time of writing Spain is the focus of financial market worry. There are some scary permutations being stored up in the deck of cards. The game is deadly.

Market heat is now full on to seek a sovereign takeover of Spanish financial affairs. Spanish citizens care little for this market worry and why should they after witnessing the brutal humiliation of Greece. For the Euro now on life support, the message is clear to Brussels and Berlin, it is not worth the pain to save it.
E.U Crisis: German revolutionaries occupy the space in front of the Central
Bank in Frankfurt. The Europe project faces its greatest challenge as Spain
is asked to bite the bullet. Picture 2012.  

Let it whither as the united Federalist currency. A fantasy of the grotesque. Let it reform into a hard currency for Germania Magna, Netherlands, Finland Austria and who else it serves.

It is certainly game over for the Federalists... Brussels is to blame. Why not. It failed to lead effectively during the crisis and as such must pay the price of its failure...Now despised by many citizens, figurehead EU commission must dissolve and be removed from the people's project, Dimension; the Art of Superstate, part 3.

What now is left of European solidarity under this E.U. commission's leadership. Little or nothing. We are back to where it all began, struggling to keep Europe form falling into anarchy and chaos on the streets, while blaming its big powers for insensitivity and self interest.

It's not that simple of course, but this is the game. Not I sir, I didn't do it, I wasn't there. But we were there and it did happen. The efforts of international Bankers to rule the lives of citizens through debt and loans has backfired. Citizens are in a revolutionary mentality. They are no longer afraid or unable to question the very reason d'etre of the European project and whether it is again too soon to talk of a pan European Identity rising above the old nationalist banner of self determination.