29 Jul 2013

E.U. Crisis: Debate on Europe #2. Freedom or Money, Which one makes the world go round.

Without freedom there is no money and without money there is no freedom.

City fund manager Helena Morrissey whose firm has almost £55bn under management, said she was “not afraid that all will be lost” if Britain leaves the single market.
“I am convinced that the tide of influence is moving away from the top down, command and control, one-size-fits-all approach to business and politics.”
She describes the European Union a “flawed model of the past.”  Several experiences have left her “disillusioned about the EU’s approach to effecting change” she said, citing poor decision making and lack of evidence or understanding to back up views as main reasons.
“Lack of flexibility and accountability within the Eurozone has left a whole generation of young people paying a very painful price for this imperial, large-scale, flawed political agenda,” she added.

Writing on walls is no longer just for anarchists. Participants at the summer Graffiti Jam in
Derry-Londonderry UK city of culture 2013.  
Her most scathing comments are addressed for Euro leaders’ mind-sets. “Eurozone politicians are determined to defend the monetary union whatever the social cost in Greece, Portugal and Spain. Their desire to be proven right may well outweigh their motivation to do the right thing.”
This mind-set seems to be defining the structures and differences growing between Eurocrats and national politicians. Which philosophy to follow …..”No we can’t” or “Yes we can.” 

Business leader Sir Richard Branson warns of dangers in putting “politics before economics.” He claims Britain’s EU membership is worth almost £92bn a year and even closer EU integration could add a further £110bn.

 “The debate on Europe is not going away anytime soon, and it’s vital that those arguing the case for staying in the EU, and those pressing for an exit, come up with clear, evidence-led visions for the UK,” says current director of the Confederation of British industry.
“We must consider what an alternative for the UK would look like, based on hard facts, not emotion or hollow rhetoric.”

However there is increasing political support for an “out” vote in Mr Cameron’s proposed 2017 referendum. As those who once ruled through Empire know very well once one country leaves the fold others will follow.

Departure from Empire is often the result of suppression, discrimination or national rebirth for greater glory.  At present there are just too many fundamental flaws inside the E.U. Failure to listen and implement calls for EU reform will be an act of folly precipitating a UK reaction into an action for secession.