19 Jul 2011

Germania Magna is Back; All Roads Now Lead to Berlin.

Against the odds Angela Merkel has cleverly taken Germany to the top as Europe’s undisputed heavyweight champion of the European Dimension: Art of Superstate Part 1 & 2 goes to a Saxon Queen.

A Mercedes Benz sign over Rotterdam points the way
 to Europe's new Germania Magna. 2011
Renowned for shrewdness and political vision she has nurtured a sense of European destiny north of the Alps. Her people have prospered. Her country is now a modern Germania Magna at the heart of a European Superstate, part 3.

Consisting of  “The Core” Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland and a bunch of smaller satellites Eurozone #2 will now seem an attractive financial opportunity to Denmark and Sweden.
There will soon be a serious rush of thought, ideas and political searching to decide the future.
But Europe means all its corners. They all must eventually prosper if the project is to become a United states of Europe and this spirit must never be diluted. Failure lies ahead if the periphery slides into a backwater of forgotten peoples.

It is a bold move to make a two speed Europe but it has to be done if Europe is to keep up with the challenges ahead. The world is dividing into powerful regional groups. China India, Islamic Unity and for us the Atlantic alliance. Floaters such as Brazil, Russia and Africa will play the game as they see fit.
Within the European block, Germany can guide the centre with Eastern and Northern neighbours. It was always an option to speed up the Art of Superstate. Merkel has chosen this option. These are interesting days ahead.