6 Aug 2014

EU Crisis: London Mayor Examines Life After an EU Brexit : Ukraine at Boiling Point: Gaza Turkey Shoot

World conflicts are spreading, opposition to a full spectrum dominated uni-polar world gathers pace, the EU is settling on shaky ground, Russia is teaming-up with Iran and maybe China, the Arab world is building several asymmetrical armies, Ukraine threat to peace looms ahead and London’s Lord Mayor flirts with the British Euroskeptics while announcing plans to enter the UK parliament.  The August silly season is not looking so funny anymore.

The EU is a “misbegotten political project” that has left millions of young people on the “scrapheap”, Britain will have a “great and glorious future” if it leaves.

He really means London of course. What has come to knowledge and looks certain is the rise of the super-city in the near future. London’s economy is set to double over the next 20yrs to £640 billion. That’s Ireland, Portugal and Finland combined. With this sort of clout why should London consider playing ball with the new Brussels dictate!  Skeptic politics is on ascendancy. Only a reformed EU can swing the balance towards an inclusive and progressive Union. What takes decades to build can be destroyed in days and weeks.
Israel completes the latest in a series of battles for its long war to establish a Jewish state. The incursion
into Gaza in July 2014 resembled a "Turkey Shoot" of civilian men women and children. Image Jerusalem 1990

Ukraine (the borderlands) crisis is deepening. Ukraine has potential to fracture Europe in ways similar to post WW11. Russia can see how the western world is reacting to Israel’s conflict with Gaza’s civilians. It all pretty much smacks of who dares wins and don’t hesitate to strike for home interest when the time is right. Think Iraq, Grenada, Panama, Vietnam, Bay of Pigs, Dominican Republic, Laos & Cambodia, Lebanon, Somalia, Haiti, Libya & Afghanistan.
If Russia invades the Ukrainian Borderlands to protect Russian people and home economic interests, Western condemnation will fall short after the world witnessed a grossly disproportionate incursion by Israel into Gaza in order to protect similar objectives.