9 Jun 2013

EU Crisis: Battle to Control our Connected Planet, Enter the Gladiators.

Troika leaders bungled as they tried to save their Euro baby at the expense of the Greek economy. According to an IMF report the Greek bailout was designed to protect the vulnerable currency from potentially catastrophic effects to the global economy.
If Greece is part of the Eurozone then a question; is any member expendable, is there any that aren't!

This and other developments, the challenge to privacy, increased powers for Brussels, the demonisation of opposition and the rise of the snooping state, is becoming issues for pending elections and referendums about United Europe’s (US) future. These ballots will determine style and nature around how we seemingly permit ourselves to be governed in the coming decades. Hot players for the power seats include Banks, Corporations, new Security Governments, revivalist religion and the Open Society mainstream classes. An arena where all’s fair in love and war?

A recent experience with security employees from the ECB (European Central Bank) in Frankfurt resulted in the all too common response to citizen reaction following an invasion of privacy in a public place. “Everyone is a terrorist suspect.” 
A Bible for the War! New game same rules. All's fair if your are the
winner. Power struggles for the global order will involve many more
players on the field. Image, A Croat soldier reads his bible during a lull
on the front line in the last European conflict. Bosnia 1993  
Does this courtesy extend to the growing number of Accusers in Frankfurt, Washington, London, Beijing or Moscow!
What makes their desire for control more legal than those who cherish privacy?
What makes their use of the snooping state more legal than those who expose its workings?

“There is no such thing as a Terrorist! The combatant style of asymmetrical warfare is commonly referred to as Terrorism, Rebellion or Insurgency.  Often this is amended to freedom fighters, resistance movements or revolution; should combatants be successful in their efforts to take power.”

Troika belligerents such as Brussels Commission’s Olli Rhen and ECB’s Mario Draghi will never be reprimanded for any failure or wrongdoing to the Greek people or their economy. They are beyond the reach of accountability. They continue to engage in grey politics, duck issues and play their wild cards when it suits. Their corner is political victory by financial methods; the Federalist strategy.

In response to the IMF scathing report Rhen commented: "Latvia's desire to adopt the euro is a sign of confidence in our common currency. It is further evidence that those who predicted a disintegration of the euro, were indeed behind the curve and simply wrong,"

And he might even be right about that. “Lead on Mac Rhen”