29 Oct 2012

EU Crisis: Division, Suspicion, Mistrust, Why Don't You Leave

It is a sad fact that the EU is breaking down under the strain of bad leadership. There is no one person or country to blame but rather the obsession in quarters of the Troika bureaucratic monster to take total control over European destiny. Federalism has been told time and time again that it is not welcome and time and time again Federalists respond with arrogance, denial and condescending remarks that they know better.

“Did they get the peace prize for straight bananas.”
remarked a German lady.
While a European commission spokesperson 
has declared bi lingual burger flippers
unfit to work for the Brussels gravy train.
United in Diversity” is now
but an empty ironic phrase. image 2012
This month a bewildering choice by the Oslo peace committee to award the EU (read; leg up for EU Federalism) was met with an almost universal shaking of heads. As one German lady remarked “What did they get it for? Straight Bananas.”   

Eurozone leaderships pays humble homage to the Troika "dogs of financial terror."  IMF, E.U. commission, E.C.B. If this is how they treat their own then how will they behave if and when they get their sought after European army. They now demand a financial overlord to dictate national budgets. It will be just all figures and to hell with social order. Art of Superstate needs a clean out. This current EU is just plain fickle and the Federalist plan just plain dangerous to follow.
As one of the "dogs of financial terror," ECB's Mario Draghi, recently declared to the press,

"Countries will have to transfer part of their sovereignty to the European level. (Troika). Several governments have not yet fully understood that they lost their national sovereignty long ago when they ran up huge debts. They are now dependent on the goodwill of the financial markets," the "financial terror chief" said.
Meantime Brussels foot soldiers are clamouring for rises to their budgets and huge salaries, to be paid for by those they force to belt tighten.
An EU Commission official politely put it, "Because of language requirements, we are better educated than national civil servants. We're high fliers not burger flippers."
However the fight to save democracy  is still on. Some countries such as the UK are planning their escape. Others are pondering over the course the EU is heading and whether it is dragging Europe apart.
Since the new age of democracy it has been understood citizens shall chose who governs them.
 "Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of democracy are not presidents, senators or government officials, but voters.” Franklin D Roosevelt 1938.
Technocrats and plutocrats may scoff at this as idealistic fantasy but they too should remember that regime change is also at the hand of the Mob.