13 Jul 2015

EU Crisis: Who Cares Wins: Marathon Greek Battle De-Thrones Angela Merkel as De Facto Queen of Europe.

It’s game over for the architects of austerity in Berlin and the technocratic Brussels bubble.  Democracy won a great battle. And the fight took place in its birthplace as Greeks defiantly closed the down the taboo of rule by “financial terrorism” and confronted credit with default.

Well! That was Sunday July 5th 2015 after the Greek referendum and its 60% “Oxi” vote. This historic “No” vote came after a barrage of threats, coercion and panic mongering by the “Yes to more austerity, humiliation and subjugation” camp led by Berlin, Finland, Benelux, and the Baltic states.

With classic European Byzantine wheeling and dealing this result was overturned and a week later the above paragraph 2 now reads like its mirror image.

 It’s game on for the architects of austerity in Berlin and the technocratic Brussels bubble.  Democracy lost a great battle. The fight took place in its birthplace as Greeks succumbed to the rule of “financial terrorism” and accepted more credit without default.

Show me the way to Less Europe. Resentment flares across Europe
after claims of a political coup over the Greek debt crisis. Image:
Switzerland road signs with less Europe and doing very nicely
 thank you very much. 2014
This was a battle in a war. A war pitching Democratic principles against a Technocratic global regime - the outcome determined by the motto: “Who Cares Wins!”   This brutal Technocracy claims they are best suited to rule us as Democracy is responsible for making bad decisions. - You just couldn’t make it up if you tried.

This blog asserted correctly in November 2010 that the EU’s future would be determined by the treatment of the Greek crisis, (/fishy-euro-playground.html) That treatment has now resulted in a breakdown of trust and faith in ability and direction for the European project. It has exposed a massive lack of “Unity” and a great deal of “Diversity” that is and will be Europe for the rest of this current historic epoch.  “National Egoism” is the character of communities and nations across the planet. It defines who we are and shapes values positive and negative. In the end a uni-polar technocratic society is an enslaved society. Thus speaks history.   

The Northern block and the Southern neighbourhood will feel this fall-out for years to come.
 And at the heart of the long list of casualties is Chancellor Angel Merkel- the Saxon Queen of Europe- who no longer seems invulnerable to these remarkable events.
In a week when China’s stock market faced its biggest rout since 1992, the relatively tiny Greek financial crisis was ripping the heart out of the Federalist European project; the priority being to teach Greece and the rest of the Democrats a lesson in who rules.
A call for more Europe will be the standard Federalist response. “More Europe is born out of crisis” they have been heard to cry over and over and over. But who cares wins!  Citizens care about their own, their country, their cultures, their future and especially their democracy.

This political debate will continue against those pursing technocratic agendas with devastating costs; costs which includes war, division and humanitarian crises on the southern and eastern flanks.