26 Apr 2008

#16 On the Blower for street work

Armed with what can be described as a Wild card, I walked along the South bank of the Thames from the Eye to The Tate Modern' view of St Pauls.....Later in the Week I went to Exmouth and at last to see the famous Dartmoor. The Wild card was my old fashioned mobile phone and these are some of the results.........Homer and I agree that change can be a good thing. Even to change from Nikon to Nokia can help the process of development and break the chains of stagnation.

23 Apr 2008

#15 LCC main projects 1

Divided Cities.........For a main project I want to continue with the project on divided cities. The cities want to tell their/my story through portraits streets scenes and architecture. It was primarily a European story but then these things have a way of spreading. The cities in question are Berlin, Jerusalem, Belfast, Nicosia & a recent addition Mitrovica. I want to use this year and the first half of next year to update and present the sequence up as far as 2009.......the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Nicosia, 10 years of peace in Belfast, a breakthrough in Jerusalem and for Mitrovica an uncertain future.