10 Jan 2012

E.U Crisis. The Merkozy Project: Seeking an Alternative Answer

Searching for answers. The famed Atomium
in Brussels was the centre of attraction for the
1958 World fair about the future. 2012  

Physicists are searching for answers to an evolving universe deep underground in the Swiss based CERN laboratory. They seek out the elusive Higgs Boson sometimes referred to as the God Particle. Why this reference to holy Deity. Maybe because, just like God, it does not exist and so today’s holy men of knowledge may have to search elsewhere to understand the origins of the universe. Of course getting Six Billion Euros to discover that something doesn’t exist does raise the question over the social value of the particle. It provokes a thought whether discovering if we are part of a super universal symmetry we have no control or influence over has any better social benefit than the old God theory. Either way it still all comes down to how do we humans successfully participate within this universal supersymmetry.
The Commission displays its vision for the future
over the front of their Brussels H.Q. 2012
Understanding the current financial crisis is not so elusive. It is a combination of consumer fed human greed in the public and financial sectors clashing with a natural periodic technological evolution. This clashing is confounding a disruption of symmetry within the economic system. The Eurozone crisis, now  at the centre of chaos caused by this disruption of symmetry is posing similar dilemmas to the search for Higgs. What if the answer Eurozone leaders seek in fiscal unity and control of the new power it wishes to  create, like the God particle,  just isn’t there. 
 Can they accept fact over theory and like the physicists in Switzerland prepare its vast funding to search in new directions.  A journey’s destination does not have to end with an unintended disruption. It may delay progress, but the situation often provides new knowledge and means to overcome the obstacle. Such is the power of human intellect. 
 Of course Higgs Boson may be present somewhere around 125GeV within the waves of matter and anti-matter and European leaders may be able to fuse a new particle from the ashes of the financial crisis over the coming year, but certain fusion is not guaranteed. It can be wise to prepare to seek elsewhere for an alternative answer.