21 Jun 2012

E.U. Crisis: Federalist Commander Merkel Plans War of Attrition Against Czars of Money.

An uneasy Eurozone alliance of seventeen stars: how many will heed the battle call
to fight the Czars of Money.  June 2012

It’s never over till it’s over say the wise ones. As the E.U. crisis drags on, on and on, chancellor Angela Merke, federalist commander in Berlin, sees years of twisting and turning towards partial unification. How cautious and unbrave this home management policy must seem to Czars of Money troops. They are winning and becoming stronger by the week. Not the month. Not the year. Merkels new strategy, War of Attrition is not the right path to tread. She does not lead an asymmetric force which can use guerrilla tacticts. Attrition and aysmmetric warfare works best when the enemy is constrained by law, over weight and social debate for actions. This is not the case with the Czars who care little for parliament, morality or social comment. Their positions are well trained and fast moving.     

Commander Merkel does not have political time on her side. Nor does she have control over all factions in the Eurozone. Her resources are limited it is true, but she can fight back by declaring the ultimate objective and outcome of this war. The total removal of  Czars of Money influence over the financial affairs of Europe.

No, she must not hesitate. Merkel must face the enemy in open combat with fewer countries and with well nourished soldiers. The strongest and fittest within the Eurozone should heed the battle call; for Art of Superstate, part 3  is lost if Spain and Italy falter in the coming summer reckoning.

And what will happen if the battle is lost. Very little as history shows. Some pain. Some loss of wealth. Some bitter recriminations. But Europe will roll on and pick up the struggle after the casualties are buried.  

19 Jun 2012

E.U. Crisis: Commission Capo Lectures Nobody on How not to Lecture the Commission.

President Barroso and his Commission democratically represents....well, Nobody.....However, Barroso took on a role at the G20 to tell the world they should not lecture... “we,” I presume he means the 27,on democracy or the handling of the economy.

Nobody is listening to
President Barroso at the G20 2012
“In Europe we are open democracies”....he said....”but frankly we are not coming here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy because the European Union as a model can be very proud of......we are certainly not coming here to receive lessons from Nobody.

The president should listen to the storm of cries from citizens shouting for him and his commission to dissolve and leave democracy and the economy where it belongs....with the people. And who will cry for their departure.....well Nobody of course.  

17 Jun 2012

E.U. Crisis, Greek Elections: It's Not About the Money Honey, We Don't Need your Money, Money.

To day Greeks have the stage all to themselves. Tomorrow the audience will either applaud or walk out of the theatre. Either way the show is over.

Press eyes focus on whether outside forces can shape the outcome of the Greek election through direct threats or scare tactics. A now familiar strategy affecting the democratic process across Europe.

Least we forget, and we should never desert our history, 80yrs ago during the last great financial débâcle, democracy in Europe was reduced from 24 countries in 1920 to 11 by 1939.

Political and fiscal union crudely peddled from Brussels, and to some extent Berlin, is perceived in a cohering manner. This will not work just as totalitarianism didn't succeed in 1939.

The world today Sunday 17th June 2012 is in a state of chassis (Juno and the paycock; Sean O' Casey) over predicting the situation and outcomes in Greece.

Greece is on a collision course with foreign lenders...... Chaos erupts..... Greece is forced to declare bankruptcy...... If Greece leaves the Euro, a disorderly default is likely as creditors lose patience. …. If the Germans don't act.... it could lead to an economic Armageddon....collapse in confidence across Europe threatens …. global crisis that will have dire consequences.......
It's not about the money.  Greece and Germany are no longer lovers in the Euro family. How
they divorce is how the Euro will reshape the European Project. Picture Frankfurt 2012

In the end it is not about the money, money. We don't need your money money....In the end it is about dignity, independence and a sense of well being. Greece's impassioned and tempestuous affair with the Euro is over. Whatever way one sees the outcome of the election, Greece and Germany have fallen out and recriminations are bitter.

As one Greek living in Germany put it "It was absolutely wrong for Greece to enter the euro. It's only a small country of 10 million people; it can't possibly destabilise the EU' – but they were mistaken.”

"I am flying back to Thessaloniki on Sunday morning just to vote," he said proudly. "We live in a world where democracy has been taken away from us. My vote is the only thing left for me and I must do it for my country." (source: Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Der Spiegel)

Seems like everybody's got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night.
It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money.