24 Oct 2014

EU Crisis: Junkers Commission Fuels Animosity with UK: New Power Struggle for Union Leadership

It would suit the commission to see the UK bolt for the exit.  After all, who wants competition to one’s plan!
Using fines and penalties against dissenting voices is a very European thing-simply because they are organised to make collections as a well-oiled machine.

The Family of European Nations at Strasbourg. Are they fluttering in unison
or are they still poles apart. Junkers Commission rejects reform for an all
in call over supremacy and power.  image 2014
Most people in Europe believe that when fined or handed a bill it is only right to pay it even if they disagree with it. And some believe they are committing an offence if they don’t pay up. Rules are not the same as the Law.

This is the legacy of blindly following leaders who care little for individual dissention and everything for their authority.

Junker has made a massive miscalculation by opening his day-job role with a volley of confrontational financial moves against the UK and other member states.

This Brussels setup is now about telling national governments what to do and using the system to bring as much as possible to a centralised, politicised and ideological civil executive.  In short it is exactly what skeptics are worried about.

Whether or not the rules have been applied justly and accordingly is no longer a point of order for the British, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish or Greek public. This Brussels Federalist commission has firmly rejected any talks of reform and opted for an all in poker call it thinks it can either win or bluff. It is pitching its objectives against the will of the people.

“Lead public opinion, don’t follow it” is the latest Federalist mantra. In other words the people are not fit to think for themselves.  Eventually it will be the same assumption for some dissenting leaders. Where this takes us to, is clearly what the EU was created to avoid.

Brussels is not interested in the will of the people, but the people are interested in the will of Brussels.