26 Jan 2015

E.U Crisis: Divisions Return: Brussels Loses A Dream for Superstate: Donbass Pushes Secession Goals

“Britain may withdraw from the EU unless there is a new treaty arrangement for countries that reject the Superstate project. There is no prospect of Britain joining the euro or becoming part of a "centralising project". …says the British Chancellor just meters from stony faced German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble at the Davos economic summit …………………….Daily Telegraph Jan 24 2015

An air of pessimism hangs over the resort as realities come to roost over the Eurozone’s performance and EU failed adventure in the Ukraine.
A Guard awakes from  slumber at the Greek Green Line in Nicosia Jan 2015
On mainland Greece the people have spoken out against German enforced
Austerity and the rule of the despised "Troika." It remains to be seen if the
EU will now unravel and Superstate consigned to the history pages
with Napoleon Bonaparte and Hitlers 3rd Reich 

The Greeks have spoken out against “Fiscal Waterboarding.” The anti-austerity spectrum is gaining strength. The EU is finally seeing the massive social cracks it created and which it though would fear the people into political submission. This has backfired spectacularly. The 1% has a lot to loath after Syriza’s victory.

It is now fashionable to be anti-EU and fashionable to be part of a New Europe where Empire and Superstate is no longer a given solution to Europe’s troubled past.

For all the puffing and huffing about how the EU is doomed the bigger picture lies east of Kishinev where the Russian sponsored Donbass separatists are pushing for a corridor to Crimea. Should that succeed then it will be Odessa/Tiraspol’s turn to link a swath of southern Ukraine from Tiraspol to Luhansk. (The Wild Fields)

A great Trouble unfolds in the Borderlands (Ukraine)
where the Wild Fields (Red)  fight for Novorossiya.
A problem started by the US & EU it will finish with the division of a country
strangled at birth. Jan 2015 

Miscalculation by the west over its involvement in Ukraine has been staggering. Russians are consolidation for a stand-off with the US and the EU. It threatens to split the world in two.

As sanctions are the only weapons the west can use for now against Russia, the Kremlin on the other hand can hand the west an impoverished and desolate rump Ukraine in 2015. Coupled with an Oriental response to Washington’s hawkish moves to control the world’s financial systems we may be seeing a return to divisions not witnessed since 1963.