7 Aug 2015

E.U. Crisis: Europe’s Shame As it Rejects Results of its War Meddling

Europe - 5,000,000 recorded deaths per year: “War Refugees-displaced & migrants” 224,000 in 2015.  

War is a terrible thing for its losers. In today’s theatre of operations it seems everyone is a loser. America is reeling from its legacy of invasion, torture and failure to realise objectives. The EU has managed to alienate Russia over bungling interference in its internal affairs. Russia is suffering under sanctions. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia are embroiled in desperate struggles for control and stability with little or no chance of success in the near future. Situations mostly instigated by Western policy and by direct action.
Through little fault of their own "War Refugees" are created, displaced and ultimately  rejected by "The New World Order"
The EU's shame, cruelty and lack of responsibility is comparable to events in the 1930's . Image : A statement from the
Cypriot capital Nicosia 2015.

This is the fruit of contemporary politics - the “New World Order” 

In the aftermath of bloody battle displaced persons are despairing to escape the pain and fraught. Some have nothing to lose and others have everything to lose.

For some, a drowning death in frantic and horrific circumstances is on offer. Others must witness the cruelty and utter barbarity of rejection, uncertainty, humiliation and death after reaching the shores of those who have put them in the situation of becoming “War Refugees.”   

In watching the abdication of the European Union’s responsibility towards fellow human beings in their bleak, desolate and weary time of need is heart-breaking but not surprising. Europe once again is embracing the darkness of turning a blind eye to problems they helped create. Their leader’s obsession with credit, fiscal power and austerity is blinding their very reason and purpose.

Such is the results of a Europe centrally focused, selfish and cruel. Just like it has always been.

In the end we are what we are, just like it has always been.