3 Feb 2016

Brexit EU Referendum: Waiting For Godot.

The British press universally lashed out at the UK PM over his watered down “Brussels Deal.” Apparent capitulation over watered down proposals from the Polish European Council President has left the “Leave” camp with a much stronger argument in the up-coming Referendum over Britain’s relationship with the European Union institution.

The deal over borders, migrants, laws and benefits are interpreted as much ado about nothing and a bit of “A Joke.”
 “Your Brussels deal has done nothing to halt migrants,
nothing to win powers back for Britain.
Sorry, Prime Minister, but... IT STINKS

However, the most serious reaction to the announcement is the lack of it from the “Leave” camp. The importance of this referendum cannot be understated. This vote is pitched as a once in a generation opportunity to decide democratically our country’s future. We are at loggerheads with a discredited and ever emboldened power hungry institution hell bent on constructing a technocratic Superstate; an uncontrolled "Gorgon style Network" of self-interested corporate and "Elitist" families managed by an army of faceless and unaccountable bureaucrats. We have the choice and the means to change direction but committed and passionate leadership for the "Leave" campaign is lacking.

Battle of the messages is paramount for this referendum. Leadership is crucial
 if the people are to be convinced to vote Leave.

When a cause is deemed correct and just, credit for its victory is a national prize and not the ambition of individuals and political opportunists. “Unity is strength!” The “Leave” campaign needs to find it and refrain from “Waiting For Godot.”