30 Sept 2012

EU Crisis: Funny Money Is Back In the Ring For A Bad Joke.

Validity and trust in the European project continues to evaporate, while the Euro project steers divisions towards 19th Century levels. Can today's leaders claim they are doing sterling work.

Spain is on the brink of sliding to serious civil disorder not seen since the days of Franco. The response from the northern core countries, (Germany, Finland, Netherlands) is to protect their bankers and loans. Solidarity is all but an empty word. Europe is sliding backwards.

"Two parallel lines aim to emphasis the stability of the currency" reads the caption on this
original design for the Euro. A bad joke, bad management or just funny money. 2012. 
Anger and resentment is sadly mounting against the European project. Forced bailouts on proud nations are interpreted as fiscal imperialism. “Give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes it's laws” said Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the original illuminate banker in the 18th century. Each day new banking scandals disclose sheer arrogance surrounding this industry. Taxpayers are forced to fund iconic towers to banking dominance in Frankfurt, while remitting citizens to financial serfdom in parts of Europe.

It's a race for bankers to get rich and richer, at all costs. We, as a society, need to be increasingly vigilant. Bankers cheat and swindle. Politicians fib. Corporations exploit. But it is society which determines outcomes, eventually. And, most often, violently. Europe needs to communicate with its citizens and recognise citizens will protect their turf and democracy also at all costs. Brussels has not proved a leadership of merit, as this crisis has shown. Its seeking more and more powers, as an excuse to do better, will not cut it with most young or older voters.

There is no such thing as a European Nation regardless of comical ideological dreams in Brussels. Collaboration between Confederate Nations of Europe is as good as it gets for now and the foreseeable future as a tale of crisis rumbles on and on.