3 Mar 2015

EU Crisis: Frausterity Merkel: Warsterity: And the Greek Rebellion.

Suddenly citizens are feeling less European, becoming more akin to defend the beloved country.

It’s a typical insurgent situation. A bad situation calls for intervention. Intervention makes a bad situation worse. Eventually the situation goes beyond worst to become intolerable. The result is rebellion, and the unknown.

National interest and national pride will never submit to
imposed intellectual what ifs! Image 2015 Pathos, A Greek world
heritage site
Sometimes the unknown is a realignment of national pride; a pulling together for the moment, a common interest for survival.  But mostly it is bitter recrimination; animosity against intervention with punishment for scapegoats of the day. 

Oh what a lovely Warsterity!  Nice battle-cry from Troika intuitions claiming to be guardians of fiscal competence over people power.  In the minds of people, resistance against “Warsterity” is growing.

Russia, Ukraine, Greece, The Baltics and the “PIGS within” are to blame for the EU getting into a wee spot of bother with their glorious master plan. Of course it has nothing to do with leadership, the Global banking “New world order” or planet Brussels spinning out of orbit.

Frausterity Merkel is no longer a Messiah for a European Dimension.  Europe is not a country, never will be, and for all extent and purpose shouldn't be.

Frausterity Merkel’s duty is to Germany and that is her mandate. As it is with others! The Euro and the EU is not a Crusade but an idea; an idea which needs revisiting.  

Whether Greece defends or capitulates is not the end of recurring unrest gripping Europe, and fomented by blinded ideologues. It must be the start of the end to Federalists imposing political directions which have waning support and no clear future.