31 May 2017

Brexit: Germany’s Quiet Coronation as Europe’s Undisputed Commander.

A fully recovered Germany from the horrors of the last century looks
to resume its position on the world stage. It now surpasses Brussels
 to speak and lead  on behalf of Europe with Chancellor
Angela Merkel firmly in the driving seat.
 Image: Dusseldorf Germany 2012.
Berlin's role as the de facto leader of the European Union has long been recognised. Germany’s seat at the club of world powers for the 21st century has just come of age. It has accepted the mantle of power.

The crowning was announced at the G7 meeting in Taormina Sicily last week when Chancellor Merkel declared that Europe can no longer completely rely on its longstanding British and US allies.  The job of rehabilitating Germany to full recovery after the horrors of the Second World War is now complete. The country can return to work global politics with a clean bill of health.

During a meeting which highlighted differences in opinion and policy she said “Europe would have to take our fate into our own hands” This can only mean Berlin’s leadership will speak and lead on behalf of the European Union on the world stage.

For Brexit and the negotiations to follow this means European Union is now Germany. Dealings with the Brussels technocrat and bureaucratic maze are becoming more and more irrelevant. Direct talks between the main five economic players in Europe are more likely to be the goal of the Brexit negotiations.

Merkel’s declaration at the G7 summit is dramatic. It is historical. And it is proof that since the backlashes of 2016, the position of the EU Brussels machine is greatly diminished.

As re-established and re-democratised Germany resumes its openly declared position as the main power broker in Europe the question must be asked “Is the goal for a federalist Europe with one currency, one passport, one capital and one army now a spend dream or just a new reality for German destiny!”