9 Apr 2017

The Isis Phenomenon: Sweden Looks Right

Those who know history understand well that none can win a war over another culture while it exists in any shape or form.

The folly of the Bush administration to attack the Islamic world after 9/11 has long been apparent. What wasn’t apparent is the scale of the response to the West’s badly constructed intervention.

Although fractured in parts due to old sectarian fault lines the Islamic world can hold out for ever to western efforts to bring it into line with its liberal principals. Culture change must come from within.

After a lethal truck attack by Islamic extremists in Stockholm,
Sweden questions its EU borders policy and whether less openness is a safer option.
 Image from series "Periphery" 
All across the Middle East new armies are being constructed; when launched, only another army can halt their march. Where are the global intuitions to prevent this happening! Are we at a League of Nations moment once again!

The latest attacks in London and Sweden by “Lone wolfs” who are prepared to sacrifice the lives of innocents and themselves is just the beginning of the beginning.

What if the trucks used were laden with chemical or bio-logical weapons.

It is only a matter of time before a cornered Isis resorts to these terror tactics. Better to accept that Isis exists and will continue to mutate in reaction to perceived western interference. Better to negotiate now than wait until negotiations are untenable and the word is plunged into a permanent conflict with the Muslim world akin to the two centuries of Crusader wars of the middle ages.

Better not to corner the beast which may prove to be more savage than one’s self.