26 Sept 2017

Danke, Deutschland – Alternative Für Deutschland Party Thanks Supporters as it Breaks Through Twelve Percent .

Europe’s most important EU member state, the all powerful resurgent Germany, gasps at the surprise rise of the anti Euro and anti-immigration party Alternative für Deutschland. The far right party won 94 seats in the September 2017 elections with 12.5% of the national vote.  The party has finally broken through the 11% barrier, the symbolic percentage figure that makes others sit up and take notice.

Staring at the surreal after the German Right party Alternative für Deutschland
makes gains in the September 2017 elections. Image Frank Gehry buildings in
Feeble, lousy, inadequate are words being used by the German media to describe recent past performances of European Liberal Democracy.  There has been plenty of warning signs and plenty of dissenting voices in pointing out the failures of the Neo-Liberals and the European Dimension but still against it all the Brussels federalist machine keeps on spouting “More Europe” and “we will win back the people when they re-discover the European project.”

Meantime the Right marches on and on and on.  

Germany is leader of Europe and the European project. German citizens are not content to sit back and not be consulted about the backroom design of its new character, directions and political roles. Germany is the sum total of its people and as such need to be fully on board for concent to future changes.

National Populism is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Learning to accommodate it and address its concerns is just as much a problem for the European project elites as it is for those at grassroots.