29 Mar 2018

EU Crisis: Brexit Go Bragh 2018. Countdown To A New Beginning.

March 29th 2018, It is exactly 365 days to the date the UK leaves the European Union.  Many divisions, recriminations, doubts, hopes, realisations, pros and cons about the decision to leave the EU have dominated our society since the historic vote in June 2016.

The UK’s PM Tereasa May is leading a fractured British nation out of a fractured European Union. Brexit will happen after all; plans for an integrated Global economic and political system will continue.
Unions are difficult. A contrast with Brexiteers today and the EU and
to the problems between Britain and Ireland
depicted in translations from 1798 - 2018.

The EU will also continue, but with a damaged ideology after the shocks of 2016. The European Union elites were inept to the groundswell of anti- EU opinion since the stealth introduction of the Lisbon Treaty. Brexit was the UK’s response; dissent still exists across the European Union.  

In the year to follow on from this 29th March 2018 the UK will make ground on the Global network. The EU will have hard decisions to make about how to listen and accommodate those seeking a political stake in this European Union. Change at the heart of the bureaucratic Superstate machine can make that happen.

It would be a better for both Unions – UK and the EU - for economic cooperation as well as political interconnection to prevail by 2019-2020.

The powerful European Council can impress Europe’s citizens and the international community with a magnanimous will, a steel commitment and a showpiece ability to deliver an orderly UK retreat from the EU - even if a minority of swirling hawks in the Berlaymont Building are poised to swoop on any sign of disorder in order to progress an unpopular Federalist agenda.