30 May 2018

Abortion: Ireland Abortion Referendum: A Victory Celebration For Concern.

Abortion, one of the most polarising social and moral issues of modern times.
Ireland recently voted to decriminalise the practice.
Image Bucharest clinic 1990 from the series Post Communism. 

So, what was so disturbing about the Ireland abortion referendum. Well it was not the result. As a male member of our species I care little for the outcome. In fact I don’t know why men even bothered to vote in what is really a female issue. Most species kill. As part of the family of species on the planet we do our fair share of killing. Some of it we rightly scorn and sometimes we punish the perpetrators. Some of it (killing) is illegal one day which then becomes lawful the next. Like the Irish abortion referendum. That’s our choice. We decide what killing is lawful and what is not.

What is disturbing about the Dublin victory celebrating transforming the once illegal killing of un-born babies into the lawful killing of un-born babies is…..

First, how the victorious turned their attention to calling for the imposition of the lawful killing of un-born babies in the North of Ireland. Technically a region within a foreign and sovereign country – the UK. Would the Irish like to be told by a foreign country who to kill and who not to kill?  

Not a big deal really, as that will be a decision for the people of Northern Ireland and none else.

What is more disturbing is the changing nature of what abortion is being called. From the illegal killing of un-born babies to the lawful killing of unborn babies it now becomes the termination of something. The unborn are now a something and quite possibly they can then become a nothing.  From what was once regarded as murder, today’s attitudes have transformed this once murder charge action into “The lawful termination of a nothing.”

Now, where does this attitude fit in with exterminating Jewish Untermensch, lynching US niggers, genocide against snobby African Tutsis, urban Cambodian dwellers and their stupid intellectuals and so on for the rest of the sub-humans.

Shock horror! How can one talk like this! It is disgusting. And yes, it is disgusting to talk such degrading language, but so is calling killing the un-born “The lawful termination of a nothing.”