13 Nov 2016

US Elections 2017: Trump’s America, Reality Anger in the USA.

An American dream becomes reality anger in the 2017 US election. It is not an anger of violent rage. It is a contest within modern augmented perceptions about two visions of the developed world.

One side of the vision feels brow beaten by excessive political correctness. It experiences stagnation in living standards and harbours an opinion that establishment elites have abdicated political responsibility to faceless technocrats and undemocratic bankers.

Seeing is believing. What the public sees is a fake world where reality is something to handle as one sees fit.
In the shadow world of the left behind an awaking has rocked the cradle of a patronising elite who use
managed perceptions of reality to push their global vision of a technocratic world government. Has at last the
substance of this narrative wore off. Are we witnessing a return to politics of the real. Or will the technocrats just up
the daily dosage and sedate the masses.  image November 2017.    

This is rural southern and middle America; the backbone of one vision of white American culture. They are experiencing the sober reality of distress and identity politics. Angered, they have sent a hard response to Washington.  Against a backdrop of continuing upsurges of western populism reacting to a stalled globalisation, that response was personified. Its name is Donald Trump; the 45th President of the United States of America. 

Managing the world is a different slant on the vision of changing the world. The global financial community who now lead the management philosophy are being challenge by the backlash of the disaffected who call for change.

Interesting times to witness if the 45th president can deliver the change he has promised or will the forces of global management re-enforce its position and relapse western citizens into mediated reality where none really knows what is fake and what is real.
In the harsh world of managed perceptions and outcomes does anyone now believe in anything!