20 Aug 2019

E.U. Crisis: Brexit’s Irish Backstop

The UK’s new PM Boris Johnston today steamrolled over Brexit’s Irish Backstop. It didn’t go down well with EU negotiators. Ten weeks to go to the next deadline, “This will be the final deadline” we have been told and still they can’t work it out.

Billboard poster on the Irish Border and a vintage steamroller at a
Hampshire fair. Images 2019

One reaction to Johnston's “Steamer” (slang) as reported in the Daily Telegraph came from an EU diplomat who said:

“Three years on and still this letter fails to put forward any realistic alternatives for the backstop. Hope and imagination don’t keep the border away. 

“This letter is not a request to renegotiate - it’s a clear-cut attempt to avoid it all cost.

“If the British government was serious it would just ask the EU to trust them. Because if they did the EU would have to look at it.”

TRUST!  Now there’s a word for the political classes to digest.

“Trust in Me!
Trust in Me!!
It’s Not Lying...
I am only Trying...
Trust in Me.
Trust in Me!”

Theme to the US drama series “Sneaky Pete”