13 Sept 2012

End of Dimension, Art of Superstate: The Long Euro Struggle to Continue.

This is the week it all changed. The week when finally the pursuit of a European Superstate was denied. The week when Europe split into those federalists who lost the debate for unconditional Unity of Europe and those who hear citizens protests demanding protection for their traditional identity and culture over a half baked notion to Europeanise 27 distinct countries.
The Brussels commissioner performed a chameleon act to placate steam rolling populist calls to degrade the European Union. Barroso calls for a Federation of Nation States, not a Superstate. Who will follow these people often labelled as arrogant, inward thinking and who ignored warning signals for so long.

The break-up has begun. Europe is to develop organically as it has always done and will be. Observers do not believe Barroso and other Federalists have abandoned their goal for Superstate. They wait for better times and for the people to come to their senses. Brussels for now is a capital for a “Tribe of Dreams.”
EU's Barroso declares  European Superstate a bankrupt ambition.  It's all or nothing in the Euro rescue.
 New mechanisms are created to fight financial markets and support the periphery. Image Brussels 2012.

The commission president stated in a State of the Union address, “Today I call for a federation of nation states. Not a superstate. …...A decisive deal for Europeto project our values, our freedom and our prosperity into the future of a globalist world. This decisive deal would maintain the integrity of the Union and show the irreversibility of the Euro. A deal that requires the completion of a deep and genuine economic union, based on a political union.”

"We must use the 2014 election to mobilise all pro-European forces. We must not allow the populists and the nationalists to set a negative agenda. We need no more walls dividing us! We will start from the principle that deeper integration will not be just for some. No one will be forced to come along. And no one will be forced to stay out.”
It is precisely this style of contradictory language which fed the chambers of Euroskeptics blasting the argument for more Europeanisation. In other words this speech is just another rant for the ”Tribe of Dreams” towards a direction not all wish to take.
Whatever secret deals are done behind closed doors in Luxembourg and Brussels, the game is still the same. Brussels hopes for a return to Art of Superstate while nations states work to rescue the Euro and build a Confederate Nations of Europe. Brussels is saying anything to be heard. And the response. More skepticism.