6 Nov 2011

G 20 Failure, Occupy Wall Street Movements and A Hard Winter’s Tale to Tell

Politicians have again failed citizens in Art of Superstate.  To hear the American president address the Euro Union on how he had been given a crash course in European politics by those whose names were sticking in his throat is disheartening. 

The G20 meeting maybe also have been the last opportunity to avoid mass defections of citizens from passively watching to actively engaging with spreading revolutionary ideas.
Dublin Ireland, JFK poster at a city centre Bank oct 2011
The next step will be not just a wish to change the wrongs of the financial and political sectors but a will to determine the means.  

To-days movements are not those of frightened, dis-enfranchised, poor or desperate sections of society, they are young, educated, determined, and most have the support of their parents.
Distaste of political elites is spreading. It is triggering a whole rethink about government, its function, its value and indeed how we manage our world. Centralised government is now perceived as a seedy club for business interests

The financial sector is clearly a target for evolution. Its revolution during the big bang twenty-five years past became an un-controlled monster, rather than a servant of society. It operates as a power searching animal, feeding on financial greed while harbouring contempt for social or human morality.   

Italy is at the debt Rubicon, Greece has past the point of no return.  It is time to separate financial markets from politics just as we separated religion and state. Straight talking is commencing. The intellectual movements appearing on the streets of capitals across the globe, the social networks and the virtual discussion spaces between those streets is the genesis of new re- order. In this post-Neo Con world it will be a Hard Winter’s Tale to tell the children. Let’s hope it can be told in peace.