7 Sep 2014

Ukraine Crisis More Deadly Than Ever; Israel Annexes More Land

Fanning the flames on Europe's Eastern Flank. Ukraine is spiraling
into dangerous gambits. All the right players are present and
willing to bluff it out. Image: Ukraine memorial to the WW2 fallen
From a military point of view the Kiev surge into the Donbass was badly handled. It could be said that the separatists (Russia) now has a clearer picture of not what Kiev forces can do, but rather of what they can’t do.  

Nothing short of open outright western support for the Kiev government army can halt the counter attack pushing the Ukrainian forces out of the Donbass area. And that’s a dangerous gambit and a recipe for a cold winter.

When Putin says he can be in Kiev in two weeks he means it. Whether or not he wants to or sees this as a strategic move is highly unlikely.

The EU and the West made the colossal error of thinking Russia was weak and not ready to react to the coup of last March fuelled by the usual C.I.A. suspects.

Putin will enable Moscow to speak for ethnic Russians east of the Dnieper River running through Kiev and which is the historical and natural extent of past European influence. (Hapsburg Empire). Russia has already completed encirclement of the entire south Ukrainian flank from Tiraspol to Mariupol.

There is no point hammering on about Ukraine’s loss of sovereignty and the annexation of Crimea when the west sits back and turns a blind eye to Israel’s carve-up of the Palestinian territories. This embedded dual standard/hypocrisy only cements the mistrust between east and west that fosters conflict.   

In the end we only have to look at the historical map of the Ukraine (borderlands) to see the outcomes and natural result of the latest political shenanigans.  Looking at the historical maps of Israel and the Levant presents a less favourable scenario.